April 16, 2018

About a month ago, I started working with a new client, helping them to create an employee engagement forum. They had put together a group of representatives and I went in to speak with them.

When I walked into the room, I could feel the tension, a tight feeling as if e...

February 7, 2018

There are two opposing forces in the workplace when it comes to difficult conversations. The first is a version of our individual will to survive, to do well, to get what we need. And the second is what we've all been socialised to do: get along, don't make waves, don'...

August 11, 2015

Overcoming Resistance to Best Practice

Often, when I enter a room of employee forum representatives who I'm going to be training on Best Practice in organisational change, I'll get a bit of resistance from a small number of people.

"The people I represent only care about...

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