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Employee engagement's missing ingredient

Does Employee Engagement Work?!

Employee engagement has hovered at around 33% for many years now. So many people are working at it, so much of our budgets are dedicated to it. We try all the latest trends and technology – employee surveys, apps, and so on. Nothing works.

And yet, for a lot of business people, engagement is a key strategy for simultaneously improving morale and the bottom line. Many organisations have people dedicated to implementing engagement.

Let's Talk about Unconscious Bias

One ingredient that is often overlooked when we talk about employee engagement is unconscious bias. And there’s a good reason (well, there are a few!) for starting with bias: we can all do something about it, both on the individual level and on the organisational level.

So, to help you start in on this massive topic, I’ve put together a short list of case studies and tips that I think are really to the point.

Some Case Studies and Tips

There's a lot of information there, but these articles are a good place to start:

Next Steps

Well, what do you think? Is addressing unconscious bias the missing ingredient in your employee engagement strategy?

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