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I run a training and advisory consultancy, specialising in unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion, and information and consultation. 

I am a social anthropologist, and bring this specialist knowledge to my work in the corporate world. While the training I provide is always engaging and interactive, it is also thoroughly underpinned by research and theory. 


The programmes I run are developed through working with senior leadership and HR teams, and then rolled out across businesses. I have run programmes and training for a wide range of organisations, including Aegis, Aegon, Affinity Trust, Bristol Myers Squib, the CIPD, Dimensions, HarperCollins, Kames Capital, Matalan, Nomad Foods, Prostate Cancer UK, and United Welsh Housing Association.

I design and deliver workshops on:

  • Unconscious Bias Awareness and Conscious Inclusion (read more here)

  • Inclusion (read more here)

  • Mental Health and Well-Being (read more here)

  • Consultation of Employees (read more here)

If you're looking to do a check-up on your culture, I also can run a culture audit for you.


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