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Employee Rep 

Employee representatives are often dropped in the deep end. They are elected to represent their colleagues in discussion with decision-makers, but are not given much guidance on the legislation that shapes what they do, or what best practice might look like. Reps are left worrying that they may let down their colleagues and fearing that decision-makers won't respect them.


Training for reps provides clear boundaries and structure - what they can and can't do, according to the Information and Consultation legislation - as well as guidance on best practice - what they should and shouldn't do. Reps are provided with practical tools and useful information, so that they can take on the role with confidence.

There are a number of courses for reps and their managers, senior managers and HR:

  • Foundation: this course provides the basics for new reps and a refresher for more experienced reps. It provides the tools and knowledge that reps need to confidently do their role

  • Annual planning: this course is a hands-on session for reps to think about and plan their strategy over the period of a year. 

  • Conflict resolution: what to do when you find yourself in a polarised interaction in the workplace - with other reps, with colleagues, and with decision-makers.


Benefits / Outcomes

The benefits of training for staff reps include:​

  • Improved communications between reps and constituents

  • Improved communications between reps and management

  • Practical methods to handle difficult emotions

  • A more efficient and less emotive consultation process


Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this interactive workshop are to understand:

  • The role of an employee representative

  • How reps can manage the expectations of constituents

  • The difference between consulting and negotiating

  • How an employee forum is different to a union

  • How to set key performance indicators and collect measurable data

  • How to communicate with management and HR


Workshops for employee reps are experiential and practical, and highly interactive. While aimed at staff representatives, anybody in HR, line managers and senior managers are welcome to attend, in order to ensure understanding of the process. ​

If you'd like to set up a discovery call, please get in touch.

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