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Does your culture help or impede the achieving of strategic business objectives?

A culture audit is like a check-up for your organisation.


The audit identifies a particular issue within a business to explore in terms of existing best practice as well as those practices which could use improvement. Normally, these relate to the culture of the business. Upon completion of an audit, I provide recommendations for you to consider in terms of improving your company culture.



Running a culture audit can potentially benefit your organisation by contributing to:

  • An environment where diverse views are heard through tailored interviews and focus groups

  • Improved decision-making and encouraging innovation

Having a trained anthropologist assess your culture also provides the following benefits:

  • A neutral and unbiased analysis of what works and what needs improvement

  • Insights into what your culture communicates to your employees 


What is the Process of Having a Culture Audit?

A culture audit usually runs over 15 business days, but really depends on the size of your organisation.


The process typically is:

  • 2 days preparation (I do research to understand and benchmark your organisation)

  • 2 days to write a general survey, and the interview vehicle

  • 5 days in your office to carry out interviews and a focus group of a representative sample

  • 3 days to analyse and write up

  • After your review and suggestions, a final 2 days for last edits of the document, which will include an executive summary, detailed analysis and findings, and finally, recommendations.

  • 1 day presentation of findings

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