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This one-day workshop explores employee engagement, and why it is such an essential strategy for both improving the lives of staff and increasing the productivity of businesses today. We’ll look at the return on investment, the obstacles, and identify practical solutions.


The connection between engagement and productivity shouldn’t be underestimated: under a third of UK employees are engaged and the cost of disengagement to the UK economy may be as high as £70 billion per year.


People know this. They know engagement is important. However, how to engage employees has seemed to be a grey area, with organisations trying a number of strategies, with various degrees of success. Those strategies are not replicable from workplace to workplace – possibly not even from employee to employee. So even the most progressive employer who really does want to engage employees hasn’t got a clear, concrete and practical method for doing it.


In this workshop we’ll look at a strategy that will work in every organisation – whether in the private, public or third sectors – if they’re willing to commit to it.


Benefits / Outcomes

The benefits of employee engagement training include:

  • Improved two-way dialogue between staff and management

  • Improved productivity

  • Creation of an employee voice – concerns and fears are raised and addressed earlier, meaning less grievances

  • Reduction of “us v. them” attitude

  • Greater understanding of management decision-making, leading to eventual buy-in

  • An understanding that employee happiness is not up to management – and that’s okay


Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this interactive workshop are to:

  • Understand what employee engagement is

  • Provide an understanding of what managers need to do to engage employees

  • Explore the active role of employee voice in engagement 

  • Learn the methodology for measuring engagement

  • Understand how to set key performance indicators and collect measurable data


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